CICLA organizes its Biblical Ministry

Aug 10, 2010 | Apostolate, Bible Ministry, MICLA

Quito Ecuador. On Monday, August 9, an encounter of Biblical Ministry started in the City of Quito, organized by CICLA (Claretian Interprovincial Confederation of Latin America).

The coordinating team (in the photo) is composed of lay women and men: Marisela Riera (Argentina), Jaime Michea (Chile), Adriana Mora (Colombia), Guillermina Castillo (Panamá) and Vicky Acuña (Costa Rica)

and the Claretians: Alejandro Quezada, Enrique Aponte and Carlos Bernal. With them is Fr. Agustín Monroy, General Prefect of Apostolate.

The Encounter has been prepared for several months. Its objectives are:

1. To prepare a diagnosis that will permit:
– to know the importance that the Claretian biblical ministry has today.
– to go “on line” in order to consolidate the identity of a Claretian Latin American Biblical Movement.
– to generate a space to share the experiences of the biblical road covered by the Claretian institutes of Latin America.

2. To encourage, from the praying and popular reading of the Bible, the Claretian experiences of Latin America, in order to strengthen the community pastoral processes that will allow the participants to live in fullness as hearers and servants of the Word.

3. To discern the biblical project of CICLA from the mutual complementarity of two inseparable dimensions of the centrality of the Word: biblical ministry and biblical animation.

4. To produce proposals and methods of virtual and real biblical formation.

5. To look for strategies and means of economic financing of the biblical projects that may require them.

6. To recover the way of the “Bible Diary” edited by CICLA and to evaluate its interaction with the walking of the communities.

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