New Provincial Superior of Mexico

Feb 15, 2010 | México

Mexico. The Chapter secretary is doing an efficacious and clear job; his minutes with some brief corrections are easily approved. The space for elections was declared and the numbers of the Constitutions and the Directory related to it were read.

The editing committee distributed, summarized in writing, what was discussed yesterday about profiles, priorities and tasks and sent us

to sift all this by working groups.

Fr. Luis Mario González is making us smile and laugh with his combinations of photos that can be taken for a caricature and an editorial page.

In the revision of positions, works and persons we discovered that there are many obscure things that require clarification, much change of mentality and greater boldness to do it. But if we do it, the benefits will be incalculable. And it must be a never ending process, which must be continuously lived and put into practice.

Before the election of the Provincial several points were clarified and we discerned about the number of consultors, linked or not to a concrete prefecture, and then we proceeded to the election of the high chief of the Province. The result was that Fr. Alejandro Cerón not only overcame all the obstacles and jumped over the hedges but he flew a thousand meters high over them; he was elected on first ballot, gladly accepted and was congratulated by all.

During Vespers, in the presence of the Chapter President and all Chapter members, he made his profession of faith.

Antes de la elección del Provincial aclaramos varios puntos y opinamos sobre el número de prefectos en orden o no a determinada prefectura y luego procedimos a la elección del jefe mayor de la Provincia resultando que el P. Alejandro Cerón no solo superó los obstáculos y se brincó las bardas sino que voló a mil metros de altura por encima de ellas siendo elegido a la primera votación y aceptando el cargo con gusto recibiendo luego la felicitación de todos.

Durante las vísperas ante el Presidente del Capítulo y de todos los Capitulares hizo su profesión solemne de fe. (4 Photos)

José Angel Vázquez, C.M.F.

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