On January 3, 2022, the formative experience of the MICLA Novitiate, located in the city of Cordoba (Argentina), began. The inauguration of the Novitiate house was celebrated with a Eucharist celebration, presided by Fr. Marcos Loro, Provincial Superior of Brazil and president of MICLA and accompanied by some Claretians. Later at 6:00 pm, with the recitation of Vespers, the following novices of six organisms of the Interprovincial Conference of the Claretians of America began their noviciate:

– Onel Antonio Pérez Morales and Juan de la Cruz Gómez Zamora (Province of Central America)

– Johan Andrés Rojas Alapey Miguel Alfonso Peña Pérez (Province of Colombia-Venezuela )

– Daniel Jubanski, Edivaldo Luis Toagliari, Rafael Zanetti de Freitas (Province of Brazil)

– Omar Andrés Guarguati Saavedra, Diego Andrés Leal Salinas, John Alexis Gelves Albarracín, Ronaldo Benítez Rodríguez (Province of Eastern Colombia and Ecuador)

– Emiliano Gastón Gastón Medina Vivanco (Province of San José del Sur)

– Mario Condori Jachacollo (Province Peru-Bolivia )

The experience of the MICLA Novitiate is entrusted to the following claretians – Fr. Marcos Garnica (Province of Mexico) as master of novices and Frs. Francisco San Martín (Province of San José del Sur) and Marcio Silva (Province of Brazil), for the accompaniment of the Claretian Missionaries. We thank them for their availability in this new mission at the service of all the organisms of MICLA and of the Congregation.

We also thank the Province of San José del Sur for welcoming this new formative challenge for the Claretian formation in “Viña Joven”.

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First Religious Profession in Córdoba, Argentina

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