The Claretians of Mexico begin their Provincial Chapter

Feb 11, 2010 | México

México. On Monday, February 8, the Provincial Chapter solemnly begins with the celebration of the Eucharist. It is presided over by Fr. Paul Smyth, in the name of Fr. General. After the gratifying encounter of the brothers it is very meaningful to start by eating the bread of love and fraternity in order to rebuild a vigorous and harmonious Province.

Next was the first meeting in the Chapter Hall, which started with the invocation to the Holy Spirit who harmonizes, strengthens, renews and transforms everything. Then we listened to the reading of Fr. General’s letter to the Chapter, where he tells us to blow on the ashes to revive the fire that will give new life to the Province to respond to the challenges of our society. This was followed by the reading of the numbers of the Directory and the Constitutions related to the functioning of a Provincial Chapter.

Then the election of the Chapter secretary followed. Fr. Marcos Garnica was elected on the first balloting. Immediately we made a survey in writing for the election of the Moderators. All the Chapter members were made arbiters with the faculty to draw white, red and green cards. We did it very well. We were all happy with the possibility to end the Chapter nest Friday afternoon.

As a summary of the day, we can say that this Provincial Chapter defines itself, from this very moment, as the Chapter of personal and community experiences, of deep reflections and of serious questioning of what we have been up to now, in order to project ourselves, as we have always desired, in a united, fraternal and dynamic humble province. We had the opportunity to reflect on all of this, in a group dynamic of interchanges.

The untiring work of the great Humberto Saavedra was worth noticing, as he was taking videos and photos from different angles of the Chapter members in each session.

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