Jul 16, 2018 | ACLA, Padre Xifre

Bata, Equatorial Guinea. The Canonical Erection of this new Delegation “Padre Xifré” that we are celebrating on this day of the 169th Foundation of the Congregation, is the fruit of a journey, a long journey that the General Government, together with the Delegation of Guinea Ecuatorial and the Mission of Gabon have been working in order to get here.

Everything began in a consolidated way during the canonical visit of Fr. Gonzalo Fernandez, CMF, Vicar General and General Prefect of Spirituality, on May 4-28, 2017. He dialogued calmly with all the members of Equatorial Guinea regarding this matter.

After the canonical visit, the same Vicar General who happened to be also the Delegate Superior of Gabon, had another meeting with the Governments of the Delegation of Guinea Ecuatorial and the Mission of Gabon, in the House of Formation P. José Xifré de Bata from February 7 to 8, 2018. The fundamental objective of this meeting was: “to design together the process towards a new Organism formed by the Independent Delegation of Guinea Ecuatorial and the General Mission of Gabon”. The fruit of this meeting are the conclusions assumed by all and included in the letter of Father Gonzalo of February 12, 2018, addressed to the Claretians of both Organisms.

One of the commitments of the Guinea Ecuatorial-Gabon Mini-Assembly was the elaboration of a catalog that would collect the data of all the Claretian Missionaries that are in both Organisms. The Catalog of the New Delegation includes the individual details of the members and their respective photo. It paved the way to the easy completion of the survey for the appointment of the future Government of the New Delegation.

A little later, after the intensive sessions of the General Government, the Secretary General forwarded the official Communication (March 10, 2018), in which the General Government formally approved the creation the “Padre Xifré” Delegation, whose official constitution would be made in Bata today, July 16, 2018. The Delegate of Father General for this canonical act is Fr. Henry Omonisaye, CMF General Consultor; who will accompany Frs. José Engonga and Yves Loussou, CMFF Superiors of Guinea Ecuatorial and Gabon and the rest of the members of the Government of the Delegation of Equatorial Guinea.

The official ceremony is currently taking place as of press time, 10 am, Equatorial Guinea local time, during the celebration of the Holy Eucharist presided by His Excellency, Most Rev. Juan-Domingo Beká, C.M.F., Bishop of Mongomo. Present during this momentous event are all the Local Superiors of both Organisms, the formation team of Fr. José Xifré Seminary, the religious in Bata, and some representatives from the secular clergy. During the celebration, two Students will make their Perpetual Profession and others will renew their vows. This implies the presence of family members of the professing students, friends, ex-claretians, students and youth groups.

Due to the hectic schedule of Fr. Henry, Delegate of Father General, right after the Eucharist and some snacks, he will be escorted to the airport for his return to the eternal city. Tomorrow, on July 17, all the Claretian Missionaries of Guinea and Gabon will live a new experience as a new Major Organism: the Padre Xifré Delegation.


July 13th …………… arrival of Fr. Henry Omonisaye, CMF to Malabo Arrival of Fr. Yves Loussou, CMF to Bata
July 15 ………………. Arrival of Fr. Henry to Bata accompanied by Fr. J. Engonga, CMF /
Arrival of Bishop Juan-Domingo, Bishop of Mongomo, CMF
July 16th:

  • Celebration of the Eucharist of Thanksgiving
  • After the Homily, reading of the Erection Decree of the New Delegation Father Xifré by the General Consultor.
  • Publication and inauguration of the New Government.
  • Perpetual Vows
  • Renewal of Vows
  • The Eucharist continues until the end
  • Lunch and departure of Father Henry for Malabo.
  • And departure for Rome.



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