General Prefecture of Spirituality and Community Life

  • Encourages the spiritual and fraternal life of individuals and communities in the Congregation.
  • Promotes greater knowledge and assimilation of our charismatic sources and the history of the Institute.
  • Promotes the study of our spirituality in dialogue with the spiritual and cultural traditions of the different peoples in which we are inserted.
  • Organizes or coordinates experiences of spiritual renewal and ongoing formation, as well as updates and distributes materials, printed or audiovisual, that help growth in missionary life.
  • Stimulates the living out of the missionary fraternity of the communities and encourages the cultivation of attitudes that favor it, such as discernment, mutual listening, dialogue, respect, co-responsibility, and service.
  • It fosters the experience of the universality of the Claretian vocation from the key of interculturality, as an opportunity to be open to newness, to welcome others from their uniqueness, integrate differences, and adapt one's own life to the new contexts of the mission.
St Anthony Mary Claret
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For each day of the year a text extracted from one of the numerous works of Claret is offered. Claret, accompanied by a brief commentary by Claretian Missionaries from around the world.

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Claretian Year is a humble effort that seeks to help the current generation of Claretians to walk according to the spirit of the Founder and that we all become familiar with our ancestors whose lives shaped our history.

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The Fussimanya application presents a set of prayers, texts and songs of Claretian inspiration so that you always have your hand. The application allows you to access the resources even if they are offline.